Lost or Stolen Cards

We understand that your payment or gift cards may become lost or stolen. If you find yourself in this regrettable situation, please take the following steps:

1. Contact Us Immediately: Please tell us immediately if you suspect your payment card or gift card has been lost or stolen while visiting JTS On The Bay. You can approach a member of our staff or contact our management team.

2. Provide Details: To help us resolve the issue as quickly as possible, please provide as much data about the lost or stolen card as possible, including the kind of card (credit, debit, gift), the card number (if available), and any relevant transaction information.

3. Card Blocking: If it’s a credit or debit card, we recommend notifying your financial institution right once and having the card disabled to prevent fraudulent usage.

4. Replacement Cards: Depending on the type of card, your financial institution or the gift card’s issuer may be able to provide a replacement. Inquire with them about the replacement procedure.

5. Gift Card Replacement: If you have misplaced a JTS On The Bay gift card, please contact us and we will assist you with the replacement procedure. Keep in mind that gift card replacements may be subject to certain restrictions.

6. Monitor Transactions: If your credit or debit card was lost or stolen, carefully review your account statements for any fraudulent transactions and notify your financial institution right once.

7. Prevention: Consider keeping your cards secure and periodically monitoring their whereabouts to avoid future instances. For increased convenience and security, consider using digital wallets and other secure payment methods.

We take our visitors’ security and well-being seriously, and our team is available to assist you with any difficulties relating to lost or stolen cards. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any extra assistance or have any queries about this topic. At JTS On The Bay, your satisfaction and security are our top priority.